PIKLBAL might be looking to sponsor you! We believe sponsored players can be a valuable contributor to our brand if they have the right attitude and willingness to promote the sport and brand, all while having fun playing at tournaments and local courts. If you love our products and have a great attitude, submit an application today.

Our commission (which is subject to change, so please read our Sponsorship Terms and Conditions before applying) is way higher than any other Pickleball brand pays almost any one of their sponsored players, with very few exceptions. As a sponsored player, you’ll have your own discount code to give out to everyone that provides them with a 10% discount storewide. When they use your discount code, you will earn $20 for each paddle that is purchased and 10% of the undiscounted amount paid for everything else that is purchased in our online store. We believe in rewarding our sponsored players well for their hard work. Our program rewards you for how well you promote. The better you promote, the more you can earn, and there is no limit on the commission that can be earned. 

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1 = Apply

Have you been looking for a Pickleball brand to represent? Apply and become sponsored to represent an awesome pickleball brand that can make playing pickleball even more fun by adding some cash in your pocket while playing the sport you love so much.

2 = Interview

A member of Team PIKLBAL will contact you while we review your application. The things we look for are a great attitude and lots of love for the sport. Being very active on social media and YouTube helps, and so does playing in a lot of local parks and big tournaments.

3 = Promote

Once approved, get out there and promote! The more you promote, the more you earn.  Promote at all of the local courts and big tournaments you play in, and spread the word everywhere about the high-quality and stylish gear you love using, all while having a lot of fun.

Apply to join team PIKLBAL as a sponsored player:

I have read and agree to the Sponsorship Terms and Conditions.

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